Lost and Found Experience, simplified.

Using the power of photos to run lost and found.

With vFound’s lost and found software, you can manage lost and found property, chat with customers, organize returns, and create automated reports in one centralized dashboard.

“As we know, seeing is believing. Using photos, you can build trust and highlight transparency in your lost and found process. And, vFound Lost and Found Software makes it a breeze!”

vFound Lost and Found Software

Your Own Lost and Found Page

With vFound’s lost and found software, a branded customer-facing lost and found page is automatically created once you sign up.

  • Allowing customers to search for lost and found property 24×7
  • Giving customers a tool to look for their item, take action, and file a claim
  • Bringing instant joy and relief to customers when they see their item online
vFound Lost and Found Software

Item and Claim Management

With vFound’s lost and found software, inventory and item claims can be tracked and managed from one centralized dashboard.

  • Adding items to the inventory by just taking a photo
  • Communicating with customers in the chat function to facilitate returns
  • Creating automated reports
vFound Lost and Found Software

How It Works?

📷 It all starts with taking a photo
  • Take a photo of the found item with vFound’s web app
  • Write a brief description, any internal notes and click Publish
🌐 Image gets published on your branded customer-facing website
  • Customer searches the lost and found photos 24/7 on your website and file a claim
  • To ensure ownership, claim form collects necessary details by asking relevant questions
😄 Reunite customers with their items
  • All communication with the customer occurs on our centralized dashboard
  • Seamlessly facilitate item return

What makes vFound Lost and Found Software different?

We have studied numerous reviews of people losing items at a venue and how that relates to customer experience. Major lost and found software lack transparency and still rely on submitting boring long forms irrespective if the item was found or not. What if the customers could simply see the photo of the item they lost? Imagine the relief that would bring. "Using vFound's Lost and Found Software, you do not give false hopes to your customers. It's either there or its not."

Some Of The Power Packed Features

Item and Claim Management

Add and update found items quickly via your own dashboard. Capture and manage customer claims by asking relevant questions to ensure ownership.

Organise Returns

Facilitate item return using a built-in simple and standardized interface. Keep customers informed at every step of the process.

Disposing and Donating

Once you've held an item for longer than your expiry period policy, our disposal report will let you know which items can be disposed or donated.

User Management

Add other users and set their roles ranging from editor to admin access.

Customer-Facing Lost and Found Page

Customer facing Lost and Found Page (cover image, title and sub-title) allowing customers to look for their item, and file a claim.

Lost and Found Reports

Reports are automated and easy to pull (e.g. items lost, categories, number of items found, number of items returned to owners, number of items donated, etc.)

Item and Claim Activity History

Increase transparency and compliance by viewing a detailed history of updates, including who made what updates and when.

Powerful Search

Search using keywords, categories and other options to quickly find lost & found items.

Early Bird Pricing


30 Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required


We want your team and customers to love it first 😄

NOTE: If you are a venue looking to use vFound’s Lost and Found Software for your one of events or you are a conglomerate (very large company), please get in touch via email (armaan@vfound.io) as pricing varies.

Premium Plan
Small Sized Venue
  • Billed Yearly
  • Per Location/Venue Pricing
  • Add Up to 500 Items (Yearly)
  • All Features + Free Demo/Training
  • Complete Support
Enterprise Plan
Medium to Large-Sized Venue (High Volume)
  • Billed Monthly or Yearly
  • Per Location/Venue Pricing
  • Add Unlimited Items
  • All Features + Free Demo/Training
  • Complete Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The concept of taking the lost and found photos and putting them on your website may seem unusual. Don’t worry. We provide our clients with ways to verify ownership and ensure the item is returned to the rightful owner by asking relevant questions to the claimant. We will also share some other measures we have implemented to detect false claims once you have signed up with us. However, final decision is still up to your lost and found officer managing the claim.

vFound is 100% web-based. No download is required, and vFound is fully compatible with the below:

Android: Chrome

iOS: Safari

Hundreds of users from multiple industries can use vFound. However, our customers majorly include Airports, Amusement Parks, Cruise Lines, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Stadiums & Events Centers and Universities.

Unfortunately, no. An account is limited to managing lost & found items at a single location (building, complex or campus). Each additional location requires a separate account.

Unlimited users are allowed in all of our plans, hurray!

No. You’ll get new features that are part of your subscription plan.

English only. However, we will add other languages as we grow and hustle in the next coming years.

You are free to cancel the service at anytime. Once cancelled you will have until the end of your payment period to access the system.

You will be billed/invoiced via PayPal which will be sent to your registered email address after your free trial period is over. You will be able to pay via Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal Account Balance.

Whether you pay yearly or monthly, it will be discussed via email and the invoice issued accordingly.

Your personal information is only, used to manage your account with us. We never give or sell your personal information or data to third parties.