Lost and Found Software: 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Lost and found software

The world right now is distracted. People are always checking their phones every few minutes or lost in thought about personal and career problems. The management of your lost and found department can break or build your customers’ trust. Lost and found software provides a solution. It makes the management of these items smooth, without breaking your budget.

With this amount of distraction, losing items becomes a common occurrence. Visit any business premises, and you will be baffled by the number of lost items in their possession.

Let’s look at the lost and found software benefits that make this investment worthwhile.

1) It Builds Credibility with Customers

Losing a property, especially if it’s of sentimental value, causes emotional turmoil. The last thing your agitated customer needs is false hope.

With lost and found software, the customer can look at pictures and know if you have found their item or not. The vFound’s web app allows you to take a photo of the lost and found property, and upload it on the website for easy identification.

2) The Software Makes Searching for Items Easy

Unlike using excel sheets or manual methods of managing lost and found items, the software is easy to use. Some things, such as men’s wallets can be similar in appearance. Searching, however, is made easy using keywords, dates, and various other categories.

vFound, for instance, provides a customer-facing lost and found page. And 24/7 access ensures that customers can search for their items as soon as they realize they are missing, regardless of the time of day or night.

3) It Minimizes the Labor Force Needed

Every company desires to keep costs at a minimum. Lost property management software will minimize the labor force needed in this department.

By eliminating paperwork, providing a technique for better organization of the lost items, and automatically generating reports, the workload reduces. The automation of processes eliminates human error.

4) Proper Management of Lost and Found Property

Picture a situation where you lose a high-value item on a company’s premises. Think of the excitement you feel upon discovering that someone has found it. But on trying to reclaim, you find out that they cannot locate it. Frustrating, right? And you would probably lose faith in the company.

Lost and found software saves your business from such embarrassment. It ensures that you return every property to its rightful owner by asking relevant questions that verify ownership. It promotes an excellent lost and found customer experience.

5) Lost Property Software Makes it Easy to De-clutter Your Storage Room

Not every item will find its owner, and unless you properly manage your disposal policy, you could end up with a storage room full of unclaimed property. It can make retrieval of items cumbersome.

Depending on your expired period policy, vFound software will always provide a disposal report. The report alerts you when it’s time to dispose of or donate unclaimed items. The software also has a built-in and standardized interface that makes worldwide shipping possible. It ensures that more items return to their owners.

6) It is Affordable

The best thing about lost property management software is its affordability. With vFound, you can get a plan that fits the size of your company. It includes all the features, unlimited users, and the needed support to guide you through the transition.

vFound is web-based. You don’t have to worry about investing in added infrastructure, or downloading software. You will not incur maintenance fees or pay for new features, either.

Winding up, the benefits of lost and found software are vast. Taking proper care of your customers’ lost property will build their loyalty. It also makes it easy for them to identify and claim ownership of their property. You can dispose of any unclaimed items promptly and accurately generate reports. 

No need to worry about the cost involved. vFound will provide you with a plan that meets your budget, and you get updated new features at no added costs.    

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