Hotel Lost and Found Software

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If you run a hotel or a motel, you would probably already know that a large number of items are lost by guests at your premises every day.

This is not what we are saying, but a survey by Kelton Global also revealed the same. According to the survey, around 55 percent of the guests agree that they have unknowingly left their belongings during business trips and recreational visits.

The loss of these things is not only convenient, but it also unnecessarily creates anxiety for guests, and business owners alike. It is a real struggle to locate the belongings in your premises.

This is because a lot of hotels and motels do not have a dedicated lost and found mechanism in place. The best that they have is a lost and found cabinet or a pack of boxes that stores such items. This makes the entire process cumbersome and locating the lost belongings of your guest difficult.

As you would like your guests and customers to stay loyal to your business, it is essential that you take care of their needs and do everything within your power to help them find lost things.

This is when hotel lost and found software can help you out. The software makes sure that your guests are happy, and you are able to deliver top-notch service to them.

vFound Lost and Found Software

vFound is a hotel lost and found software. It can help you in managing lost and found belongings, help you chat with customers, organize returns, and create automated reports.

Here are some of the positives of vFound:

  • Your customers can search for their lost and found belongings 24 x 7
  • Provides your customers with a tool through which they can look for an item, initiate the search, and file appropriate claims
  • Allows you to share the images of the found belongings and provide instant joy to your customer

How Item and Claim Management Works with vFound

With the lost and found software vFound, you can track the inventory and item claims and keep an eye on them using the data-rich dashboard. All you need to do is take a photo of the item and add it to the inventory.

Next, communicate about the item with your customers through in-built chat and make arrangements for returns. Next, create automated reports and keep everything well-organized.

In addition to being super-easy to interact, the tool also offers a range of other functions like:

  • Easy item and claim management
  • Organizing returns
  • Interacting directly with customers
  • Checking item and claim activity history
  • Managing users
  • Disposing and donating

The Next Steps

Do not let the lost items interfere with your brand image. Start using hotel lost and found software on your premises and make your customers happy while enjoying complete peace of mind.

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