Lost and Found Software

Lost Property Handling & Disposal Guide

Wondering whats the best process and practices while managing your lost and found property? Here are vFound’s and our competitors recommendations/tips on how to manage lost property and particularly disposal at your venue: Cards (Debit Cards or Credit Cards) As … Read More

Lost and Found Software for Universities

Universities are usually heavily populated with teachers, students, parents, and non-teaching staff. And so it’s common to lose or misplace one’s belonging in university premises. Students are more likely to lose their pieces of stuff as they are often occupied … Read More

Hotel Lost and Found Software

If you run a hotel or a motel, you would probably already know that a large number of items are lost by guests at your premises every day. This is not what we are saying, but a survey by Kelton … Read More

Lost And Found Software to Build Positive Customer Experience

Can lost and found property software bring businesses closer to their customers? Everyone hates it when they lose something valuable. Losing items that are not very important may not be a big deal. But imagine the horror of losing your … Read More

Lost and Found Software: 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

The world right now is distracted. People are always checking their phones every few minutes or lost in thought about personal and career problems. The management of your lost and found department can break or build your customers’ trust. Lost … Read More